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This is perhaps the most important system in you home, especially when its June and temps are 100 outside in the shade ! 

When your AC decides to quit, or has starting making loud noises or just not cooling your house off like it used to, call us ! Whether its a simple repair, or a need to replace your old system, we have the knowledge, professionalism and expertise to get the job done. Our technicians are obsessed with perfection and won't settle for anything less.

It goes without saying, Heating and Cooling equipment is expensive ! Not only is it pricey, but the new technology used to increase efficiency can make these units sensitive. 

Did you know that the Department of Energy recommends servicing your unit regularly to ensure proper efficiency ?

From furnace tune ups, to complete AC cleaning, we do it all. You can join our annual maintenance service plan to make sure your system is ready for any weather every year !

Living in the desert, we often forget about our furnace, that is until its December and freezing outside. If your furnace is older then 10 years, smells funny, making loud noises or just doesn't want to turn on, we can help. We not only can fix your furnace, our technicians will run a full diagnostic. Often spotting other potential issues and resolving them before they become a problem.

Having furnace problems, or just have a few questions about your furnace? Call us today and we will be on the way.

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Let us handle the stress of updating your electrical panel, adding that new circuit for your RV or installing the charger for your Electric Vehicle. There is no job too big or small, our electricians make sure you have the power you need, when you need it.

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